Family Office

Burkholder Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to provide a family office style offering to large family estates. Typically, multi-family offices require a family to have at least $30M in net worth. Even then, true family office can be costly and require families to pay for services they don’t always need. Burkholder Wealth Management has structured our family office offering to service those families with a net worth of at least $10M. We aim to provide the same level of service as a family office with more flexibility and lower cost.

BWM was founded as a niche firm to serve fewer clients in a deeper way. This gives us the time and energy to give each family the attention they need and deserve. High net worth families have specific and highly technical needs like estate planning, philanthropic planning, and tax planning. BWM can help in all these areas.

What Makes Us Different

We differentiate ourselves from other firms in these key areas:

Everything in One Place

As a family estate grows, it gets more and more difficult to keep everything, and everyone, on the same page. It is likely that a large estate will have multiple advisors and assets spread across accounts, companies, and even States. Working with BWM we give our clients the flexibility to work with their trusted advisors or ours, but either way we take on the task of pulling every aspect of their planning into one cohesive strategy. We become the central hub where everything flows through. No more playing “telephone” with 5 different advisors. We will make sure your CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent, and anyone else are pulling for you in the same direction. Many of these advisors are experts in their field, but don’t see beyond their specific subject area. It is our job to see the global plan from 10,000. Every single decision has a ripple effect across your entire plan. Investment decisions affect taxes, and tax decisions affect estate planning, and estate planning affects cash flow. The list goes on and on. We bring all those decisions into our office. We manage your affairs and your advisors, so you no longer are required to chase down information and make a hundred independent decisions not knowing how they affect your overall plan. Come directly to us and let us handle it.

Investment Expertise

A large family estate will inevitably have a complex mix of investments and assets. Outside of true family offices, most wealth managers and not advisors on anything outside their purview. But this type of isolated investment advice is a sure-fire way to end up with a bad investment strategy. Advisors at BWM are willing, and able, to pull all your investments into one strategy. Whether you are evaluating a real estate purchase or looking to invest in private equity, we can help you evaluate each deal on a stand-alone basis, but also in the context of your long-term plan. We will evaluate opportunities and take into consideration your risk and return targets, your liquidity needs, and ultimately how each opportunity affects your legacy plan. Your assets won’t merely last your lifetime, but generations to come. We can help cast a long-term vision which will affect your investment decisions today.

Custom Independent Advice

Family office planning is complex, and each client is different, but often the solutions offered are generic. Advisors are trained to be salesman and know which “country club” investment to pitch. (These are investments you can brag about to your friends about at the country club). Unfortunately, it ends up looking the same: permanent insurance, a hedge fund, a private equity fund, and portfolio all sold by their firm. Even high net worth clients get a cookie cutter menu. We are fiercely independent at BWM, which allows us to be free of a large corporation looking over our shoulder pushing us to sell their products. We are not scared of complexity and build custom solutions for each client. There is no shortage of strategies available to high-net-worth families. The right choices will depend on many factors but will always be specific to each individual client.

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