Tulsa Investment Firms

The Pros and Cons of Working with Tulsa Investment Firms

Every investor needs competent advice and guidance when navigating the twists and turns of the financial world. Working with a reputable investment firm can provide a significant advantage for meeting your financial goals. As an investor in Tulsa, you have several investment firms to choose from. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of working with local Tulsa investment firms. At Burkholder Wealth Management, we understand that every investor has unique needs. We are proud to help our clients achieve their financial goals with personalized service and expert guidance.

Pros of Working with Local Tulsa Investment Firms

Personalized Service

One significant advantage of working with local Tulsa investment firms is the personalized approach. At Burkholder Wealth Management, like many others, we take a holistic financial planning approach that allows each advisor to work with a limited number of clients, providing them with the attention they need. As a result, our advisors can bring all their expertise and creativity to tailor each investment plan to each client’s individual needs. We take our time to understand your financial goals, analyze current investment options, and recommend a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Proactive Strategy

Working with local investment firms enables you to benefit from a proactive approach to investment planning. By keeping a close eye on the market trends, professionals at Burkholder Wealth Management can highlight excellent investment opportunities and give you the necessary guidance to take advantage of the opportunities. By working diligently to remain ahead of the curve, our advisors can help you achieve your financial goals regardless of the current market performance.


Local investment firms in Tulsa tend to have a deep understanding of the local market. Meaning the professionals at Burkholder Wealth Management have a broad and unique perspective on the most promising investment opportunities. We can help our clients navigate the market, weigh their options, and make informed decisions. Partnering with an investment firm that has an experienced team of finance experts can help unlock new perspectives, insights, and investment opportunities that you would likely not discover on your own.

Legacy Planning

Working with an experienced investment firm can offer your family and future heirs a reliable plan that protects your assets and investments in years to come. At Burkholder Wealth Management, we provide tailored legacy plans for our clients, which encompass multigenerational goals. You can trust that our team will be there every step of the way to provide the required guidance, insights, and support necessary to achieve your legacy goals.

Outsourced CFO

A good local investment firm can provide a range of financial services beyond investment portfolio management. Burkholder Wealth Management, for instance, offers outsourced CFO services that include cash flow and budgeting analysis, expense reduction plans, profitability analysis, payroll management, and strategic business planning. By working as a reliable outsourced CFO, we can help you keep your finances on track and fulfill your business’s short and long-term goals.

Cons of Working with Local Tulsa Investment Firms

Fewer Resources

One possible disadvantage of working with local Tulsa investment firms is that they could have fewer resources than national or international firms. National firms may have larger teams, more robust research capabilities, and more sophisticated technology. Although, in practice, this typically only affects firms that manage portfolios in many locations or deal with multinational clients, and the team at Burkholder Wealth Management is highly skilled and knowledgeable in guiding clients through local and beyond-local financial opportunities.

Limited Reach

Some investment opportunities have an international footprint, and local firms may not have the depth of resources or global reach to access them. However, Burkholder Wealth Management partners with multiple nationally recognized firms to provide asset allocation and a variety of investment options to maintain a diversified portfolio and maximize clients’ returns.

At Burkholder Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. Our expert team can provide you with the dedicated attention and personalized support you need to achieve your financial goals. If you are interested in learning more about our services or are ready to begin your investment journey, please contact us today.